Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tomasz Adamek Retain his IBF Cruiserweight Crown

Tomasz Adamek has retained IBF cruiserweight champion. He defeated Johnathon at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Johnathon had been knocked out by this Polish professional boxer in eight rounds. He has impressive record at 37-1 with 25 knock outs. He is former WBC world light heavyweight champion. It was the first defense of the title for this 32-year-old. He bet American Steve Cunningham in the same arena. Though, he was aggressive from first, it was an exciting match. With this match, he got back his lost pride. He impressed the boxing world with his capability of playing in this age. He is now walking towards making new record. Let us see how long he can illustrate his career.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Chris John will face Rocky Juarez for WBA featherweight Champion

If you are fan of boxing game then you should heard the name of Chris John who is the highest time WBA featherweight champion. Now, he is going to face Rocky Juarez. This exciting and hard-fought game will take place on Sunday in Texas. However, weight issue has become a big matter for undefeated Indonesian boxer to make him American debut. He is suffering from fever and took three days off for complete rest. To compete for the WBA title, he has to be at least 126 pound (official weight). Lack of training could make trouble making this weight.

International matchmaker Sampson Lewkowicz arranged this fight for John. He said that it is the best chance for John to conquer the US. This match can prove why he is the best featherweight in the world. Let us see if he can compete and snatch the title once again.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Diaz recovers from coma and transferred to rehabilitation center

Boxer Oscar Diaz’s release from hospital has caught the attention of main media stream. This 26-year-old welterweight fighter has been released from a hospital just after seven month and transferred to a rehabilitation centre in San Antonio. He was fallen into coma and suffered severed brain injury after being beaten by Delvin Rodriguez during a nationally televised fight. Dr Jiminez told the San Antonio Express News that he has progressed well than past. He hopes that Diaz will be able to walk and talk again.
It is obviously good news for his fans. Now, they will expect to see him once again in the boxing ring to fight with brave. However, I am not sure about that whether he will be able to make his come back in the boxing ring or not.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Miguel Cotto Won the Vacant WBO Title Against Michael Jennings

Miguel Cotto won the vacant WBO (World Boxing Organisation welterweight) title on Saturday. This victory came against British man Michael Jennings at the Madison Square Garden in New York. For the first time, Michael Jennings faced any strong opponent like Miguel Cotto out side the country. With this victory, Cotto rebounded since his first loss at the hand of Antonio Margarito. The duration of this game between Cotto and Jennings was just 2.36 seconds. Miguel Cotto took control in round four and made sure his victory in round five. This game was stopped by the referee Benji Estevez with 24 remaining in the fifth round. Jennings injured his heart on this game. It is clear that this game was not competitive either. Michael Jennings was defensive from the start of this game while Miguel Cotto was in attacking mood.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Time for Indian Boxing With Sponsorship

A four-year deal with diversified Sahara Group will boost Indian Boxing Federation to go ahead amid into economic recession. This kind of popularity has come after winning India’s first Olympic medal in boxing in Beijing last year. We can say that Vijender Kumar is working behind it to make it more popular in India. You may know that this boxer won middleweight medal in Beijing Olympic last year. Not only that but also India got three bronze medal at the last boxing world cup. India has a lot of opportunity to make some good boxer and earned some honor. Press media could not find out the amount of sponsorship. To spread its popularity, IBF has taken an important step to contract 13boxers. These players will be given graded payments.

To do such work, they will have to walk rough path as most of the people love to watch cricket or tennis and they devote themselves to be a cricketer. So, I think that IBF will have to make consciousness of this sport and try to arrange more contests inside the country.

Then, I would like to remind you about India’s national game “Hockey”. It is thought that the popularity of cricket game is the big reason to put it under threat. Sponsorship from big companies can save these games. What is your opinion about the future of boxing game?

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mike Tyson & Maureen Shea: A Story of a boxer

Mike Tyson is well known for his cruel behave. Whenever you will hear this name then one scene may visible in your eyes that he is biting on Evander Holyfield's right ear. It is really horrible. However, one news caught my attention that is “Mike Tyson brings out fight in Bronx boxer Maureen Shea” I know that reading such kind of news headline you may feel to know that what went with this lady. Many people suffered by this short temper person where she was one of them. In a press conference she revealed her relation with this legend player. She suffered a lot and didn’t get anything good from him. At a time, she bound to broke up relationship between them. I think it was a good decision taken by him. Other wise she had to sacrifice her life. What’s your opinion of this boxer?

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Miguel Cotto hoping to bounce back against Michael Jennings

Miguel Cotto will make his come back in the Boxing ring with the hope of clinching World Boxing Organization belt on Saturday. He will face Michael Jennings at Madison Square Garden. This is expected to be a tough game. He lost his World Boxing Association welterweight title to Antonio Margarito. To hold the title and make his return memorable, the 28-year-old should struggle hard to clinch the title and defeat the opponent player. He has impressive record in the boxing ring that is 32-1 where he got 26 knockout wins. On the other hand, Michael Jennings is not less strong than him. Though, this 31-year-old boxer has not any experience to play outside the Britain, his record 34-1 with 16 knockouts predicted that it will be a competitive game. Let us see how Michael Jennings can go on against this former WBO light welterweight and former WBA welterweight champion. For Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto, it is time to get back his lost pride.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito: The Possibility of a Rematch

There was a high possibility of another exciting bout between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, but it is not yet confirmed. The two boxers recently face each other last July when American boxer Margarito defeated Puerto Rican boxer Cotto in a closely-fought bout. Now, boxing fans are eagerly waiting for another exciting fight between the two. In fact, Cotto seems to be gearing up to take revenge of his first defeat in his professional career.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kelly Pavlik vs Marco Antonio Rubio, Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito Fights on 21 February 2009

Following a disappointing loss to Bernard Hopkins, Kelly Pavlik is going to face Marco Antonio Rubio in a 12-round bout next Saturday. Kelly Pavlik will fight against the 28-year-old opponent in his original weight division. Pavlik fans are hopeful that the boxer will bounce back from his first ever international loss in his recent fight. Kelly Pavlik’s career record is really very impressive with 34-1 including 30 knockouts. Marco Antonio Rubio’s professional record is not bad either at 43-4-1 including 37 knockouts.

The coming Saturday will feature another exciting bout for the boxing fans as Miguel Cotto, former welterweight champion, will take on Michael Jennings at the at Madison Square Garden. This will be Cotto’s first appearance in the ring since his first defeat in his professional career when he was beaten by Antonio Margarito last July. Miguel Cotto now wants to win the vacant WBO Welterweight title defeating Michael Jennings in Saturday bout. Miguel Cotto’s career record is pretty much impressive with 32-1 including 26 knockouts, while Jennings’ professional record stands at 34-1.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Nate Campbell Defeated Ali Funeka, but Failed to Retain IBF, WBA and WBO Titles

Nate Campbell has successfully finished off his journey at lightweight weight division as he pulled off a victory over South African boxer Ali Funeka in a split decision. Campbell, however, failed to retain his IBF, WBA and WBO tiles as he failed to match the weight limit of the weight division in the weigh-in before the match. He weighed 2 pounds over the limit of 135 pounds. Ali Funeka had a chance to win the titles with a victory, but the South African failed as the three judges recorded 115-111, 114-112 and 113-113 in Campbell’s favor. With this victory, Nate Campbell’s career record reaches at 33-5-1 (25) and with this defeat Ali Funeka record stands at 30-2-2 (25).

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Former Boxing Champion Jose Antonio Rivera Aspiring to Join Police Officer

Former boxing world champion Jose Antonio Rivera now wants to pursue his career at his state police department. However, the problem is that he is now 36 and according to Massachusetts state law, anybody applying for a job of police officer or firefighter must be 32 or less. However, Worcester city councilors are now trying to waiver the state law to give Jose Antonio Rivera a chance to start his second career at Police department. Currently working as a juvenile court officer in Worcester, Jose Antonio Rivera once held WBA welterweight and WBA world super welterweight titles during his career.

Even if he is granted a waiver, Jose Antonio Rivera would have to take the Civil Service test in his pursuit to be a police officer. This was revealed by Councilor-at-large Frederick Rushton who also added that it was less likely that Rivera would be able to join the police force very soon because the city was struggling with budget.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antonio Margarito Pleads Innocence but no License for One Year

Antonio Margarito is now in big trouble because he has been suspended for one year and he will not be able to apply for any boxing license for the next one year. It means that he will be out of action for quite sometime and his fans will have to tolerate life without him.

LA Times wrote:

The California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday voted unanimously to revoke former boxing welterweight world champion Antonio Margarito's license for one year, and that of his trainer, for having illegal plaster-like substances on his hand wraps before his title fight against Shane Mosley.

Margarito said that he did nothing more than hold up his fists for his trainer to wrap before the fight, but his argument failed to move the commissioners.

Antonio Margarito is not a superstar in boxing and very few people know about him outside of USA. However, it seems that boxing is quite popular in USA and people like Antonio Margarito can earn a lot of money.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ricky Hatton: Joe Calzaghe is the Best Ever British Boxer

British boxer Ricky Hatton has said that recently retired Joe Calzaghe is the best boxer Britain has ever had. Joe Calzaghe, who did not lose any of his 46 professional bouts, announced his retirement from boxing on Thursday. The Welshman held the WBO super-middleweight title for more than record 11 years. During these years, he defended the title for 21 times. Towards the end of his career, he rose to light-heavyweight weight division and became the The Ring' light-heavyweight champion defeating American boxer Bernard Hopkins.

BBC reported:

Hatton told BBC Radio Wales: "To hold the title for as long as he did is an absolutely phenomenal achievement."

"I was delighted with the way he finished his career," addded former light-welterweight champion Hatton.

"To be perfectly honest, with everything that Joe had achieved in his career, if he didn't get the chance to top the bill in Vegas and Madison Square Garden, I think it would have been a crying shame."

Well, there are some who believe that Calzaghe did not face strong and quality opponents during his career. However, Hatton dismissed all these talks, stating that Calzaghe outclassed all the opponents whoever was put in front of him. Indicating his victories against Roy Jones Jr and Hopkins, Hatton said that Calzaghe successfully faced some of the undefeated and ambitious opponents like Lacy and Kessler. So, people should not question about the quality of players Calzaghe faced during his career.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vic Darchinyan Defeated Jorge Arce to Win WBC, WBA and IBF Super Flyweight Titles

Vic Darchinyan has clinched WBC, WBA and IBF Super Flyweight titles after defeating Mexican boxer Jorge Arce. The bout was held at the Pond in Anaheim, CA. Darchinyan dominated over Arce throughout the fight, giving him very few chances. Arce’s defense fell short to Darchinyan’s punches and got knocked out after 11 rounds.

Jorge Arce tried his best, but Darchinyan was at the top of his form and Arce looked simply helpless. This is perhaps the best victory for Darchinyan in his professional career. Now, let us see if Jorge Arce can bounce back in the ring and make a strong shot to retain the titles.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Boxer Joe Calzaghe Retired from Boxing

Boxing legend Joe Calzaghe has decided to hang on his gloves as the Welshman decided to quit from boxing ring today (5 February 2009). The 36-year-old boxer has finished his professional career undefeated with a career record of 46 wins including 32 knockouts without losing any fight. Joe Calzaghe is the reigning Ring Magazine light heavyweight champion, and he formerly held WBO, WBA, WBC, IBF, The Ring Magazine titles at super middleweight division. Holding WBO super middleweight title for over 10 years, Calzaghe made a record for the longest reigning world champion in professional boxing.

Joe Calzaghe admitted that it was not easy decision to retire from boxing, but he felt that he had nothing left to achieve in boxing. That is why, he decided to retire from ring.

Times Online reported:

“It was a difficult decision but I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve in boxing,” he said. “I’ve been world champion for 11 years. I’ve got no other goals to go for. That’s why I am calling it a day.

"My decision is to retire. I’ve been boxing for 25 years and, like I said, I’ve achieved everything I want to achieve,” he said. “You can never say never in this game, but I can’t see myself boxing again. There’s loads of things I want to do. I’m proud to be one of only a few fighters in history to retire undefeated.”

Joe Calzaghe’s last fight came November last year in Madison Square Garden where he outclassed American boxer Roy Jones Jr. comfortably. The ease with which he won the fight, it is obvious that he could continue his career for couple of years more.