Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joe Calzaghe Confident ahead of Super Fight with Bernard Hopkins

Joe Calzaghe is going to face American boxer Bernard Hopkins to face in next month’s super fight. The match will take place in Las Vegas on April 19. Joe Calzaghe has been world super-middleweight champion for ten years in a row has had to lose some pounds to make himself eligible for the light-heavyweight range in order to meet Bernard Hopkins in a high profile clash.

Joe Calzaghe said that he learned from Ricky Hatton’s mistakes during his showdown with another American Floyd Mayweather in December. Stressing on remaining cool, calm, the boxer said that he was not felling any pressure ahead of the clash.

IC Wales reported:

“Perhaps it got to Hatton a bit but you’ve got to keep your discipline and stay cool, calm and collected,” said Calzaghe.

“I’m excited about the fight now – and I’ve been told that the buzz is already there around it in Vegas – but I’m doing nothing different.

“My training doesn’t change and I don’t change. I feel under no more pressure than usual and it’s important to stay calm.

“I’ll get more focused as the fight nears and when I go over to Vegas I’ll keep away from the hustle and bustle of the strip.

“I’m relaxed, confident and I’m just going to do my business in the ring.”

Well, both the boxers are experienced and have several successes in career. So, we can expect a mind blowing match next month. Now, let us see if the two boxers can live up to the expectation and present an exciting match.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Danny Green Has Retired?

Danny Green is a famous boxer. He is from Australia and his nickname is The Green Machine. Well, he has won some prestigious title. Today, Danny Green is expected to announce his retirement and it shocked many people. He was still in good shape.

SMH wrote:

WORLD champion Danny Green will shock the boxing world today when he announces his immediate retirement.

Sources close to Green say the 35-year-old made his decision in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning. He was in Sydney preparing for his April 27 mandatory challenge against Argentina's Hugo Garay, which will now not take place. It is believed Green, who took the title from Croatian Stipe Drews on December 16, has decided to retire while at the top of his game - a feat few fighters before him have managed.