Monday, June 29, 2009

Juan Manuel Lopez Defeated Olivier Lontchi to Defend WBO Super Bantamweight title

Juan Manuel Marquez successfully defended his WBO Super Bantam weight title yesterday with a nine-round knock out victory over Montreal-based Cameroonian Olivier Lontchi. With this victory, Marquez defended the title for the fourth time. Lontchi showed some brave move in the bout, despite the overall dominance of Puerto Rican boxing star. Specially, Lontchi surprised everybody by outperforming his opponent in the fifth round. However, Marquez bounced back and did not give any more chance to the young boxer in the following rounds. Lontchi was so injured in the ninth round that his team did not let him fight in the tenth round, and thus, ensuring his 26th professional victory.

The defeat has been the first for Olivier Lontchi in his professional career. Now, his professional record stands at 18 wins including 8 knock outs, 1 defeat and 2 ties. For Marquez, his professional record improves to 26 wins including 24 knock outs without losing any game yet.

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